To facilitate the creation of genuinely caring communities where you will feel connected, be seen, valued, and cared about.


Herdsmore Retirement is a family owned development company focused on the retirement sector with a particular passion for redefining senior living.

The company’s primary goal is to facilitate the creation of authentic communities. Places where you are free to embrace all that life has to offer, with the security and peace of mind that comes from knowing that companionship, support, and personalised care are always available.

This is achieved through collaboration with an experienced team of professionals. They are committed to pushing the boundaries regarding what has traditionally been on offer for those over 60 looking for a secure place to live. The aim is to continually innovate in the dynamic spaces of ‘active ageing’, ‘ageing in place’ and ‘relationship-directed care’, in order to make a vibrant, secure and supportive retirement a reality.


Herdsmore Retirement’s vision is to offer something unique, well-researched, and thoughtfully designed that caters for the specific needs of the senior living community.

Herdsmore Retirement recognises that while we all age, our choices, aspirations, and challenges are different. These differences are recognised and form the basis of the innovative concept and design that is redefining senior living. Enabling residents to embrace a vibrant and stimulating lifestyle that encourages active ageing, facilitates ageing in place, and supports relationship-directed care.

The reality of living in South Africa means that often our families are not in the country to support us as we age. Herdsmore Retirement aims to step into that gap and collaboratively create genuinely caring communities. We care about your story, your life. When you retire, you deserve a place to feel connected, seen, valued and cared for. Family is everything to us, and we would love to welcome you to learn more about our retirement philosophy and communities, where your dignity and legacy are of paramount importance to us.



In support of this vision for caring communities, Herdsmore Retirement is proud to announce the launch of Amber Glades in August 2021.

Situated in the heart of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, Amber Glades is a senior living village where residents have the freedom to live a life of independence and personal growth. Amber Glades offers Life Right ownership to beautifully finished apartments and access to amenities and facilities that enable individuals to embrace their senior years.

Amber Glades is more than just a place to live. It is senior living redefined.

T: (+27)82 444 5601  |  E: tim@herdsmore.co.za

A: Amber Glades | D507 | off Karkloof Road | Howick | KwaZulu-Natal